New Year, New You

37% of Americans list "stay fit and healthy" as their top New Years Resolution, followed by 32% listing "lose weight" as their main goal. With the majority of the country hoping to stay fit and drop a few pounds, finding tips to help us reach our goals will most definitely be welcome this time of year. Here's a big one- make sure you're getting enough sleep each night, or your goals will become impossible!

Every aspect of our health is positively or negatively impacted by our sleep, including our weight. Read more about the relationship HERE

Fatigue In The Workplace

The National Safety Council recently released Part 1 out of a 3 part series titled "Fatigue In The Workplace", based on the results from the 2017 Employee Survey on Workplace Fatigue. And I have only one thing to add... Ouch. This report very closely pinpoints risk factors and outcomes regarding our tired companies. From unnecessary injuries to monetary corporate losses, it has become brutally clear the our tired employees are not only costing money, but creating dangerous situations. Click here for the entire report.

The good news is that we have solutions! In this day and age, information we need to correct this issue is literally at our fingertips. Let's all take a little time to pledge to care more for our whole selves- especially our sleep - to avoid these unnecessary and costly workplace mistakes.