"Sarah’s presentation on sleep health was a great blend of clinical insights and actionable information. Based on our areas of interest, Sarah customized her content to focus on common sleep disorders, treatment options, and recommendations for improving our own sleep health. Professional and educational!"

— Cathy Gasiorowicz, StoneArch Creative

"Sarah’s Sleep Health presentation provided our staff with a clear understanding of how good and bad sleep habits effect our daily lives and overall health. She left us with simple tips for improving our sleep health and provided important information on sleep disorders and treatments. Will we all put our devices and screens away two hours before bedtime? I know I am going to start tonight."

— Chuck Hermes, Clockwork


"After having Sleep Health Specialists come in to educate my employees, I quickly noticed a positive change in their energy levels and productivity."

— Dr. Scott Walter, HealthSource Chiropractic


"Sarah Moe is a sleep therapist with incredible practical knowledge that she is driven to share with the largest possible audience. With her excellent interpersonal skills, she has successfully communicated to the general public via television, radio, and print. No comprehensive discussion of human health is complete without Sarah, given the important role that sleep plays in our lives."

-Steve LeBeau, Synapse

Former Editor-In-Chief, Minnesota Business Magazine


"Sarah looked at Dave's throat and asked him if he ever woke up not breathing. His initial symptoms appeared to be Sleep Apnea, a life-threatening condition. And, they were. After a sleep study, Dave was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. I've seen Sarah do this dozens of times. As she transitions from health care to business consulting, Sarah brings with her the experience and expertise to help organizations understand why sleep health is the difference between productive employees and sick ones." 

-Amee McDonald, jabber logic